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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  July 27, 2014 10:36am-10:46am EDT

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c-span2, grade by the cable tv industry that brought you as a public service by local, cable or satellite provider. watch us in hd, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. >> booktv asked what are you reading this summer? >> well, i'm reading right now a book, "divide" by matt taibbi, fascinating book how crimes particularly in the 2008 financial press, nobody's been held accountable in the criminal justice system yet. average citizens who, i don't know, whether they are illegal immigrants or if they are people in the welfare system or if you're just hanging out on the quarter, if they are poor people they encounter the criminal justice system regularly, but people are committing crimes on the streets don't have to deal with it. am also reading trent 11 by thomas piketty about income inequality, fascinating book. and then i'm reading this book,
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fact i just finished it, you can counted, called "behine the kitchen door" by saru jayaraman, and it's about people hard-working folks who work every day and made our food and restaurants and other struggling to make sure they are treated properly in terms of wages, our and incomes are and i'm reading this book year, which i just cracked this book the other day, this is my light airplane reading. it's "a nun on the bus" by sister simone campbell. i love this lady. she is great. it's about how all of us can create change in community. i would tell my nuts would went to and i could heart of mary school as a kid, and this is the kind of woman who taught me, i have very fond memory. service, giving, no-nonsense. and then i'm actually just
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picked a book up, i haven't started reading it yet but this book is by ralph nader called "unstoppable." so i'm about to start this book present. i think it's a passing but because i'm very concerned about corporate personhood, citizens united. you know, we need united citizens, not citizens united. then, of course, a good friend of mine, awesome guy, james clyburn. this is his biography, and jim is a wonderful man and his book is called "blessed experiences." he has faced a lot of things a lot of things in his time. user the third most powerful democrat in the house and he's a friend of mine and i want to learn more of his life. i think this will probably take me at least until july. >> what are you reading this summer? tell us what's on your summer reading list, tweet us at booktv, hosted -- posted our facebook page or send us an
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enough, >> here's a look at some books that are being published this week.
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look for these titles and book stores this coming week and watch for the authors in the near future on booktv and on >> lissa warren is now joining us on booktv here at book expo america. its publishers annual trade show. what d do you do and who do you work for? >> i'm the vice president, senior director of publicity and the requiring editor at the capitol press.
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>> what kind of books to publish? >> we do all nonfiction primarily in the fields of history, military history, biography, solid nonfiction titles and then we have a print press as a. >> when was it sounded? >> years ago. in fact, thank you for asking, this is our 50th anniversary. we are proud to still be around in the business that's a tough business these days. spent what are some of the titles? quite a few military history books coming out. >> it is a big military or. one i'm fond of is "crucible command" which is a dual biography of robert e. lee and ulysses s. grant written by william c. davis, a historian and that era. he also looks at the personal lives and we sit together very nicely. we have a book called first seals. he someone is in many books for us this is what it looks at the origin of the navy seals unit.
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how it started with a dentist and an archaeologist and people you would not think whatever be the ones running into your toughest situation. but these four men are the ones who founded this unit and made it what it is today. we also have a book coming out that is called "soldier of misfortune" and that is perhaps the status title on our list in many ways. it's about a private who enlisted during world war ii and very quickly realize that he was not up for the task. that he just could not do the war thing. so he decided he would rather spend the war in jail than fighting and possibly getting our -- getting killed but, unfortunately, general eisner felt the need to make an example of someone who had deserted, and he arranged for this private to be executed on u.s. soil by americans for desertion. that is the last time in history, thankfully, that american has been executed by
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desertion. but that poor man and his poor family who lost in because he simply could not hack the war. so those are three of the military history titles that we have coming out and the one i safer last is our christmas military history title. this author someone who's a veteran himself, veteran of the korean war. this book is about korea and it is but when macarthur promised the truth is to be home for christmas with her family. they neglected to fulfill that promise. so it is his personal take on what happened but also look at all of the politics involved at the time that made the troops stay overseas in world war ii. >> lissa warren, how long is the process of getting william c. davis' book on the bookshelves to the time that you acquire it or he starts working on a? >> it's like having a baby.
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it takes about nine months from manuscript to the copy editing process to page design, through the production process and, of course, there's the coverage designing that goes on. so nine months. i would have at this .20 children if i was having babies instead of publicizing books because i've been doing this for 20 years. >> how long will the author be looking -- be working on a book like a? >> riding takes a year or two, sometimes three if it is a long book, or one that requires a lot of research, but then they are pretty knee-deep in copy editing and evaluating the copy at it, suggestions have been made. some office take them, some not so much. that can take several weeks. occasionally a month or two but we don't have that long always. we have to keep books in the season that they been slighted come in the months they been slatted we have to keep the schedule and office get sometimes, sometimes not as much time as they like. but it is like a process and it all goes on of course behind the scenes for the consumer, the
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reader doesn't see it. >> we been talking with lissa warren of the capital books. we are at book expo america where all the publishers come annually in new york city to display their wares or the fall season. yoyou are watching booktv on c-span2, television for serious readers. >> eugene steuerle argued that reason federal budget decisions have angered the building of policymakers to solve many of today's problems. he says that education, public welfare, and housing policies are being affected the most. this hour and 10 the program starts now on booktv. >> well, welcome. my name is p. jay kiedrowski, i'm a senior fellow here at the humphrey school and faculty director of the public and nonprofit leadership center. were happy to host this event today. what we're going to do is have a prta


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